Atlas Arena Amsterdam

02 January 2018

Accessibility and parking are essential for making a multi-tenant building more attractive. Atlas ArenA understands this like no other!


A modern, sustainable and inspiring environment

Perfectly accessible by car and public transport. Your car parked under the building. Exercise during lunch or relax at one of the inviting catering establishments. While your child is staying at the daycare center, your car is being washed and your clothes are being steamed. After work go to a concert in the Ziggo Dome and then spend the night in a beautiful hotel.


Management by tenants

About 40 tenants spread over 4 buildings on the Atlas ArenA site can manage their own part of the parking facility with FirmBase. Because the software is web-based, annoying plug-ins are a thing of the past and they can manage the parking facility on any device and from any location.


License plate recognition

The tenants can create their own subscribers and register visitors in advance, so that they can easily drive in and out based on license plate recognition. It is therefore not necessary to draw a ticket.



Any unannounced visitors can report via the subscriber terminal. This slim terminal is completely integrated into the environment. The terminal is fully operable via a well-arranged touchscreen. The tenants have face-to-face contact with the visitor via an intercom post and can grant them access to the parking facility. The moment they grant access to the visitor, the number of parking places is updated.


Because the intercom runs through the public network, Atlas ArenA did not have to invest in cabling.


Access control

Tenants can gain access to various facilities by offering their (NFC) card/token. Restrictions can be imposed per person. Access to the bicycle parking works in an identical way. Visitors can register via the intercom.



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