Providing Amsterdam With the Newest Parking Solutions!

26 January 2021

Providing Amsterdam with the newest Parking Solutions

IP Parking is kicking off 2021 with hard work and success! We are excited to reveal that IP Parking has now been awarded the contract for the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.


Our latest parking solutions will be implemented in approximately 30 parking locations in Amsterdam. These parking solutions will ensure an organized and efficient parking experience. Both the customers and the operators will benefit from our parking management systems, Parkbase and Firmbase. By using different APIs, Amsterdam can make an easy connection between Parkbase and services of third parties such as payment systems, reservation systems, online shops and much more.


Innovative payment systems

IP Parking uses QR codes to provide quick and easy transactions. The QR code allows its' users to skip the lines, that would normally be associated with parking garages, with just a few simple steps:


Step 1: You scan the QR code on your parking ticket. This will send you to a website.

Step 2: You can pay your parking fee immediately, without having to download an app.


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