ProRail & NS (public transport)

31 August 2018

It was quite a challenge and we succeeded: within six months 44 bicycle parking facilities at stations were converted to the new self-service bicycle parking concept. The parking facilities have a beautiful new entrance with transparent gates and stables are free for almost all of the first 24 hours.


2 bicycle sheds per week were rebuilt at a rapid pace. The self-service bicycle storage facility in Kampen was delivered on 2 August and closed the row of renovations. At 44 station locations, travelers moved from a steel swing gate to the user-friendly entrance to the new self-service facility within a few working days. In addition to the new entrance, the quality of the bicycle parking facility has also been improved at several locations through, for example, better lighting, paints or repairs. In the coming weeks, the final touches will be put on the i.


Bicycle repair

A bicycle repair service is available in the garage at a number of the 44 locations. The self-service bicycle parking facilities are spread across the country: from Den Helder to Heerlen, from Hoogeveen to Middelburg. All locations can be found on the map.


Investment by ProRail and NS

NS and ProRail invested 8 million euros in the new entrance for 44 bicycle parking facilities. At a number of locations, municipalities, provinces and the government also contributed to the quality improvement of the parking facilities. The new entrance has transparent access doors, use of the parking facility is free every first 24 hours and travelers can easily and quickly check in and out with their OV chip card. Travelers can also go for renting a public transport bicycle. The converted parking facilities have CCTV and via an intercom travelers can contact a staff member with a question. Previous tests with the new self-service bicycle parking show that customers are very satisfied. The majority of customers give a good 8 and the occupation increased by around 20% to 40%.


Attractive, safe and better used

With the new entrance, ProRail and NS want to offer attractive, safe and better utilized bicycle parking facilities. The new self-service bicycle parking is one of the announced innovations from the Bicycle Parking Administrative Agreement.


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