NO MORE TRAFFIC JAMS IN THE bicycle parking facility

09 September 2019

IP Parking and Siemens will reduce the waiting time at the bicycle parking facility. Especially during the morning and evening rush hour it can be quite busy at the bicycle parking, so travelers run the risk of missing their train or bus.


New check-in and check-out system

Commissioned by NS (Dutch Railways), IP Parking and Siemens are going to do a pilot with a new check-in and check-out system. This allows cyclists to drive in and out without having to go past an employee or through gates. The registration and payment are fully automated via a special bicycle tag. This free tag is available in the bicycle parking facility.


Alderman Greetje Bos is enthusiastic

Alderman Greetje Bos, responsible for cycling in Breda, among other things, was the first to try the new check-in and check-out system and was very enthusiastic about the speed and simplicity of the new system.


Reduce waiting time at the bicycle parking

The pilot runs until the end of November. We are convinced that we will reduce the waiting time at the bicycle parking facility and assume that NS will introduce the system at all major stations in the Netherlands.


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