University of Leiden

06 May 2019

This year, Leiden University is 444 years old!

So it's time for an innovative parking system! IP Parking wins the European tender from Leiden University for a contract duration of up to 20 years! It concerns the Delivery, installation and maintenance of parking management systems, intercom and VMS operated from a Central Control Room on campus via a Graphic Control Station (s) with integrated functionalities.


The University has high ambitions and will expand considerably in the coming years. There are currently around 28,000 students and 6,700 employees active.


The contract won includes the following parking facilities:

  • Rijnveste 351 pp
  • Ehrenfestweg 500 pp
  • Motorhuiskavel 350 pp
  • Sylvius 120 pp
  • Niels Bohrweg 100 pp
  • Nieuw Rhijngeest zuid 500 pp
  • Malieban 270 pp
  • Willem Einthovengebouw 80 pp
  • Gorlaeus gebouw 170 pp
  • Gemaallocatie 50 pp


We look forward to building a suitable mobility solution together with this great client that can grow with future issues.



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