Door reader

IP Door guarantees safety by only granting access to the parking facility to people who have actually parked a vehicle there.


IP Door has a barcode scanner and can be optionally equipped with a card reader and/or intercom.


IP Door has a limited depth and is hence suitable for both installation and external mounting.


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  • Barcode scanner
  • Intercom preparation including call pushbutton
  • 20 characters/2 line display with LED backlight
  • Good access for service and maintenance
  • Front door lock using a cylinder lock
  • Aluminum housing with anti-corrosion treatment and powder coating


  • Intercom with VoIP transmission via TCP/IP: no additional wiring required
  • Wireless communication via GPRS
  • IP camera
  • Mifare subscriber reader
  • TFT touchscreen 
  • Proximity Long Range reader (NEDAP)
  • Housing in RAL color of your choice
  • Front door in stainless steel


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IP In 2012 beyond speed.jpg
IP In 2012 front.jpg