Cashless pay station

IP Cashless perfectly meets the increasing demand for electronic payments.


In the parking sector especially, electronic payment is becoming more popular, permitting faster payments.


IP Cashless features a 7" touchscreen, which gives it a modern and clear appearance.


IP Cashless is a safe payment station simply because there is no more cash present - so it's no longer interesting for thieves.


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  • Single slot card processing suitable for:
    • Barcode ticket acceptance
    • Reading barcode tickets
  • Intercom preparation including call pushbutton
  • Unit for payments with debit card, credit card and chip card
  • Cassette for 4,500 tickets
  • Advance notification that tickets have almost been used up when there are about 200 tickets left
  • Ingestion mechanism for discount tickets
  • Several freely programmable rates
  • Input of license plate in the event of a lost ticket
  • Interface with your logo and introduction
  • Good access for service and maintenance
  • Heating element with thermostat
  • 7" TFT touchscreen with information and operating elements for lost ticket,
  • cancelation button, language selection, receipt printer
  • Front door lock using a three-point espagnolette bolt
  • Aluminum housing with anti-corrosion treatment and powder coating
  • Interface for peripheral equipment control: 8 x serial, bidirectional parallel and
  • MDB interface
  • Full duplex dual speed Ethernet interface for network connections; RS485 also available
  • I/O interface for communication with external systems and components


  • Housing in the RAL colour of your choice
  • Partially or entirely made of stainless steel
  • Intercom with VoIP transmission via TCP/IP: no additional wiring required
  • High-resolution IP camera with a razor-sharp image during intercom calls
  • Self-filling hopper system for dispensing coins
  • Processing of Mifare cards
  • Sale of subscriptions
  • Sale of event cards
  • Sale of ride tickets
  • Visual and audible alarm with unauthorized opening


Inrit_sf6 small.jpg
Inrit_sf6 small.jpg
Inrit_sf6 small.jpg