IP Out is an exit terminal with a modern and functional design that can be operated from any location by anyone with Internet access.


Together with the IP 350 , IP Out forms a solid base for the access management of your parking facility and is well-suited for any project thanks to its many optional expansions.


IP Out features an optional 7" touchscreen on which visitors can press on the logo to conveniently choose between intercom or PIN code or select a company.


IP Out can also be equipped with a comprehensive pay station functionality, which enables electronic payments.


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  • Single slot card processing suitable for:
    • Accepting barcode tickets
    • Reading barcode tickets
  • Ingestion mechanism and catch basin for collecting cards
  • Intercom preparation including call pushbutton
  • 20 characters/2 line display with LED backlight
  • Good access for service and maintenance
  • Front door lock using a three-point espagnolette bolt
  • Side door equipped with a cylinder lock
  • Heating element with thermostat
  • Aluminum housing with anti-corrosion treatment and powder coating
  • Interface for peripheral equipment control: 8 x serial, bidirectional parallel and MDB interface
  • Full duplex dual speed Ethernet interface for network connections; GPRS of RS485 also available
  • I/O interface for communication with external systems and components


  • Upgrade from 20 characters/2 line display to a full colour 7" TFT screen
  • Upgrade from 20 characters/2 line display to a full colour 7" TFT touchscreen
  • Intercom with VoIP transmission via TCP/IP: no additional wiring required
  • Wireless communication via GPRS
  • Mifare subscriber reader
  • Credit card reader
  • HD QR scanner
  • PIN terminal
  • Proximity Long Range reader (NEDAP)
  • Prefab foundations
  • Platform for pedestrians
  • Platform for trucks
  • Housing in the RAL colour of your choice
  • Front door in stainless steel


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IP In 2012 beyond speed.jpg
IP In 2012 beyond speed.jpg