Rivierenland Hospital Tiel

The parking facility is designed for visitors, staff and ambulances vehicles and is based on license plate recognition.

15 May 2014

Visitors make use of the parking based on a ticket. They receive this ticket when entering and is linked to the license plate. afterwards can be paid at one of the pay on foot machines. When a car exits the parking, the barriers opens automatically because of the license plate recognition. 


Subcribers like employees, Pro Persona and partners make use of a card or license plate recognition.


Kiss & Ride site users get a ticket at the entrance. These are also linked to the license plate. When a user parks within the maximum "free" time, the barriers open automatically. When a user parks longer, then they can pay at one of the pay on foot machines.


Ambulance vehicles are having a special enter and exit. The ambulance is automatically detected by the interface controller so the barriers are opening automatically.


The parking facility contains the following IP Parking products:

- Entering stations, with card reader (IP In)

- Entering stations 'high' for trucks and busses (IP In Hoog)- Exit stations, with card reader (Ip Out)

- Exit stations 'high' with card reader (IP Out Hoog)

- Barriers (Ip 450)

- License plate recognition (IP Extreme ANPR)

- Car detection

- Pay on foot machines, cash en card (IP Pay)



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