About IP Parking

The parking industry is constantly in motion. Innovative and intelligent solutions offer new possibilities and revenue models. Commercial and public parking providers need to adapt to these developments as quickly as possible. We can help you stay up to date with the latest trends by using our future-proof solutions. IP Parking has quickly become one of the most successful Parking Access & Revenue Control System manufacturers to an international market. This success, can in part, be ascribed to our pioneering spirit and our willingness to take the lead in new developments and solutions. For example, we introduced a web-based Parking Management System (PMS), license plate recognition as ID when parking, and loyalty linked to parking. We are also a leader in enabling parkers to pay using their mobile devices.


Taking the Burden Off of Parking Providers

From our office branches in Deurne (NL), Zaandam (NL), and New York City (USA), we develop all aspects of our parking systems. We do this with the help of state-of-the-art hardware, high-quality software developed in-house, and a team of passionate, expert professionals. Our goal is to take the burden off you when managing your Parking Access & Revenue Control System.


IP Parking's Mission

Our world is increasingly becoming more digitalized with an enormous amount of developments in internet and mobility services. The future of parking is similarly becoming digital and web-based. The problem is that many parking providers are inadequately prepared for these developments and therefore risk missing out or falling behind. If they want to remain a contender within the sector, they have to continue developing, searching for joint ventures with third parties and respond to technological innovations promptly. We consider it our responsibility to help these providers with this task.