Ticketless parking & Loyalty

Technological advancements in parking are developing at a fast pace. By interfacing various systems using API’s allows to increase offering and support to your customers. Leidsche Rein Centrum (LRC) has a completely ticketless systeem. Using IP Parking’s reduction and payment service API, shop owners can grant discounts to their paying customers. Using the innovative LPR App (IOS or Android) customers can also pay amount due after having left the parking facility.

Bike Rental

This service offers the option to rent a bicycle by showing one’s parking ticket. Biking is a sustainable method to explore a city. Theft of a bicycle is impossible because exiting by car is only possible when the bicycle has been returned; the vehicle serves as collateral.

Bicycle parking

Parking your bicycle is now easier and safer than it has ever been before. Thanks to IP Parking’s web-based technology, self-service bicycle parking spots are now the most convenient way to safely park your bicycle.

Ticket-less parking

IP Parking has provided a ticket-less parking system to Amsterdam RAI. The system is completely based on licence plate recognition and fully ticket-less. When the visitor enters the car park, his or her licence plate will be read. The visitor can enter his or her licence plate later at the cash desk. Next, the visitor can easily leave without using an exit ticket. In addition, contactless paying is also possible when exiting through tap & go.

Tap & go

With Tap & Go drivers can enter and exit the parking facility with a bank card. This means that they no longer need to take a ticket when entering or stand in line to pay for their parking at the pay station when leaving. It's quick, easy and secure.

Company Parking

Accessibility and parking are essential for making a multi-tenant building more appealing. Parking is part of the journey that the tenant or visitor covers.

H.J. van Heek garage & MST

Visitors to the municipal car parks in Enschede can enter and exit more quickly from now on because a parking system with licence plate recognition has been introduced. Contactless paying also ensures for more user convenience at the car parks.

LED in the gate arm

A great addition to our range is the integrated red/green LED lighting in our gate arms. We strongly recomned a gate with LED lighting at dark places. It produces more extensive visibility for more safety. Currently, a few extisting systems are equiped with this option. A good example is the Elkerliek Hospital in Helmond.


Auto-exit ensures that licence plate recognition is also deployed optimally for short parking customers.

Tube Your Future

This film about Tailor-made Parking and Shopping has been developed within the framework of NEMO's Tube Your Future by students of the Peellandcollege.

RAI Amsterdam

Many new parking applications at this project! LED displayes, counting sections with LPR, no barriers, no tickets, etc.

IP Parking

This cartoon goes through a city that is equipped with IP Parking systems quickly.


ControlBase is the best of the best for every control centre. This application scores extremely highly with regard to speed and efficiency. You can operate the intercom, CCTV and the parking system from one touch screen. Completely digitally at your finger tips.


Voor NVNL.TV een korte bedrijfspresentatie door Jimmy Smulders. Het parkeersysteem van IP Parking in een vogelvlucht.


Upgrade uw parkeerfaciliteit door deze op internet te zetten. Verkoop uw plaatsen vooraf, precies op het moment dat uw gast het wil.