Auto-exit ensures that licence plate recognition is also deployed optimally for short parking customers.

Our parking system has a standard "auto-exit" feature in order to facilitate sustainability and convenience. This application makes sure that licence plate recognition is also optimally applied to short-term parking customers. This is how it works: A short-term parking customer arrives at the entrance and pushes the button to get a barcode ticket. This barcode ticket is linked to the short-term parkin customer's licence plate at that moment. The licence plate number can also be printed on the barcode ticket if required. Once the parking fee has been paid at the pay station when the vehicle is ready to leave the parking facility, the licence plate number is approved for exiting the facility. The short-term parking customer can hence leave the parking facility in one flowing line and no longer has to stop to present his/her ticket. Research has shown that this manner of allowing short-term parking customers to leave the parking facility results in a tenfold reduction in CO2 emissions.