What's it like to work at IP Parking?

Our colleagues are happy to tell you!

Robert, EVP Operations

"Working at IP Parking NA feels like a Hobby, great team, open communication and focus on our customers with an awesome cloud based flexible product". Read the story of Robert.

Ferdy, Project Engineer

"Because of the flexible working hours I can combine work and private life well. I like sports and because I start working early I can go to the gym at the end of the afternoon". Read the story of Ferdy.

Lysanne, Support

"In addition to my work in the support department, I am also following a part-time (evening) study in the field of ICT Management & Security. Because this study is on Tuesday evening, it is nice that IP Parking is flexible with working hours". Read the story of Lysanne.

Gerwin, Manager International Business

"When I started at IP Parking we counted just over 10 employees and we made a fast growth I am very proud that we are now the largest parking company in the Netherlands". Read the story of Gerwin.

Roxanne, Contract Manager

"I am a single mother of 2 daughters (9 and 11 years old). IP Parking often thinks along with me and offers flexible working hours. This makes it possible for me to combine my work with my private situation". Read the story of Roxanne.

Erik, Hardware Designer

"don't regret my jobswitch for a moment; it's challenging work within a pleasant working atmosphere, nice colleagues and good Friday afternoon drinks and staff activities". Read the story of Erik.

Rene, Project Engineer

“The atmosphere on the work floor is very pleasant. Everyone is willing to help each other and if you get stuck with something, we immediately look for solutions instead of problems”. Read the story of René.

Nicole, Financial Administrator

"Personal development is a high priority within our company and that's why IP Parking offers you the opportunities and possibilities to follow courses and education". Read the story of Nicole.

Jurgen, Project Leader

"Other than work, IP Parking has a fantastic solidarity within IP Parking. Literally the heart of the company is the IPBARKING. Many Friday afternoon drinks, staff parties and the celebration of St. Nicholas have been held here". Read the story of Jurgen.

Mark, Test & Repair Engineer

"I am very happy that at that time I dared to take the step out of my familiar environment and go full throttle for this new challenge, I feel I can go ahead for years". Read the story of Mark.