Gerwin, Manager Sales

I started as a service engineer at Stentofon and a few years later as a project manager in the CCTV (camera) industry. At both companies I learned a lot and I still carry this knowledge with me in a positive way to this day.


In February 1998 I got a call from Arend Boekhoudt. He was my supervisor at CTC and he had made the switch to WPS (Parking Systems). They were looking for someone at the sales department. I told him that I wasn't interested because I didn't want to work exclusively indoors but in a combination of indoor and outdoor work. He advised me to come and talk to Eric Smulders and Hans Wernaart, who were both in charge at WPS at the time. That conversation was on Friday before Carnival. The conversation was extremely pleasant and I agreed to make the switch, on condition that I could also work in the field after my induction period. I also wanted to have everything in writing before I resigned CTC, because I had to hand in my resignation letter immediately after the Carnival. Making all agreements in writing was easier said than done. Eric and Hans had no need to do that themselves because they were going to celebrate Carnival. Arend had to make a sheet by himself, in which the most important things like salary, function and holidays were mentioned. Eric had to be taken out of the Pub to put his signature on it. In the end we managed to do all this on time and on May 1st 1998 I could start at WPS. I worked here for years with a lot of fun and finally made career assales manager.


When Eric founded IP Parking in 2005, I stayed at WPS for another year. I tried to set up a business in bicycle parking for a couple of years. To some extent I succeeded, but the large expansion I had expected did not happen unfortunately. During that period I always kept in touch with Eric, we talked a couple of times a year. In 2011, IP Parking had already made some significant progression , and they had a vacancy for a sales manager. After a good night sleep, I decided to make the switch to IP Parking. Anumber of old WPS colleagues were already at work at IP Parking. The only small exciting thing for me was the change of management. Jimmy, the son of Eric, was leading IP Parking. I didn't really knew him and couldn't judge in advance if we would have a good connection. Luckily we were on the same page. I still enjoy working at IP Parking


The last few years we have been very successful and the company has shown significant growth, As management we always try to act in the best possible way. When I started at IP Parking we counted just over 10 employees and we made a fast growth I am very proud that we are now the largest parking company in the Netherlands. We work hard, have an innovative attitude and last but not least good teamwork.


My motto: work hard, have a lot of fun and live a good life!


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