Erik, Hardware Designer

In September 2016, I was approached by IP Parking if I was interested in setting up the repair department. Previously I hardly knew IP Parking but my interest was immediately aroused.

Although I had a good time at my previous employer, where I worked for 17 years, I was also very curious about the position and the new challenge at IP Parking.

That's why I agreed with an interview, initially without any obligation and just to orient from both sides. After this meeting I was very enthusiastic As of January 1st 2017 I started at IP Parking.

After setting up the repair department and getting more familiar with the IP Parking technology, I got the opportunity to become Supervisor assembly and repair.
With the knowledge of electronics and hardware, this was a great opportunity within IP Parking to take the next step in my own development.

Shortly thereafter, the position of Hardware Designer became available, and I was soon asked if I was interested in this position. It was not necessary to take this long into consideration, this opportunity to improve my personal and working skills immediately triggered my interest.

As a Hardware designer, I work for the Product Management department. We design new products, improve existing products, implement adjustments from suppliers and deliver documentation for our Intranet.
In my job I use Solidworks a lot. This is a 3D CAD drawing program, for which I have been able to follow various training courses to expand my personal knowledge, which I see as a real addition.
The regular interaction between colleagues from different departments is also very pleasant.
Working at IP Parking provides me challenging work within a pleasant working atmosphere, nice colleagues, good Friday afternoon drinks and staff activities.

Al this promises a lot of good for the future.


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