Jurgen, Project Leader

During my school period I successively continued in electrical engineering at LTS - MTS - HTS. At all the courses, I tried to make a different aspect my own from working with my hands to thinking up as much as possible in advance with a team for implementation.


After graduating in 2006, I started working for a supplier of parking equipment in the office sales department (hired by one of my current colleagues, Gerwin). At that time, this seemed like a fun and challenging job. After a short period in the office, I did get the feeling that I wasn't made to sit indoors all the time (still not). After discussing this internally, I came under the wings of the Dave (now Manager Service IP Parking) to teach me the rudiments and intricacies of being a project manager. I worked for this company until 2018. After a trip to a supplier of signing and signage I was approached by Lex to join the (project) team of IP Parking.


After a first informal conversation with Lex and Jimmy it was all over quickly. The impressions about the open work attitude, the collegiality that is of paramount importance and the entrepeneurship of the company make IP Parking a very pleasant and pleasant company to update. In this respect, we expect a lot from each other. We go for the highest achievable and as a team we achieve this together. Also all departments together!


The great thing about the project management function is that you get a project transferred from the sales department, this new project you then engage with your project team (and suppliers) and then carry it out with your colleagues. If a project is transferred to the colleagues of the service & support department after delivery, you have seen almost all departments within the organization of IP Parking.


In the short period of time that I am now working at IP Parking we have already been able to carry out a lot of great assignments. Within the projects department there are several project managers, which unfortunately (and fortunately) means that you don't get to see all the projects up close. As a project manager you are not the one who pulls the cart, but the person who makes the connecting factors within the company. And certainly also with the customers and suppliers. You keep an overview (helicopter view) of a project and monitor the budgeted objectives. Together with the commercial manager, you monitor the project and, where necessary, the more/less work is discussed with the customers. The end result is a satisfied customer of IP Parking.


Other than work, IP Parking has a fantastic solidarity within IP Parking. Literally the heart of the company is the IPBARKING. Many Friday afternoon drinks, staff parties and the celebration of St. Nicholas have been held here. This is all planned and kept up to date by the staff association within IP Parking. Even abroad has been visited with legendary moments!


Seventy percent of success is a matter of showing up!


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