Dave, Manager Service

In January 1997 I was employed in an audio shop. A colleague, named Jos, informed me that a parking supplier was looking for a new employee.


Jos had already accepted a job elsewhere, but he didn't cancelled the interview with this parking supplier. I pretended to be Jos and went for the interview. This was the first time I met Eric Smulders and after this conversation I was immediately hired. Sorry I have to confess something, I said. I'm not Jos. It didn't bother him. I don't care, Eric said If you want to work, you're welcome. From that moment on my relationship started with the Smulders family and the fascinating world of parking.


During my job I met Jimmy Smulders, who did an internship in the same department for his studies. Sarah Smulders, another family member, supported the implementation of the new ERP application.


There are plenty of opportunities to grow and so I started as an assembly specialist, test employee, sales employee, planner, project manager, business office manager, operations manager and last but not least sales manager. Somewhere in May 2015 Eric called me if I wanted to work at IP Parking. "Yes" was my first reaction and the rest is history.


The continuous innovative view on parking, the family vibe, the approachability of our management, mutual interaction and also the enormous passion and dedication for parking from Jimmy and Eric makes IP Parking very special. I definitely want to be part of this and I am attached for "life". If you enjoy going to work, you will also enjoy going home! In one word: Great!


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