20 May 2019


Dutch National Cycling Congress

More than 350 cycling professionals discuss the latest issues of today and tomorrow around the theme of cycling in a good mix of knowledge, networks and entertainment. The theme of the Dutch National Cycling Congress 2019 is CONNECT .


Tour de Force Innovation Award

An expert jury has nominated IP Parking from all submissions to present the innovative "Bike Rental Service" during the National Cycling Congress 2019 on Thursday 20 June. The winner is selected by the participants present.


The nominations



Livability and accessibility

In the Netherlands there are more than 8 million cars, 90 percent of which are parked. The parking offer consists of street parking, parking in garages and parking at Park & ​​Ride locations (P&R). A car ride always ends with parking the car at the destination. The goal is usually living, working or shopping. The parking location should preferably be as close as possible to a final destination. But in the city center, space is scarce, which often causes parking problems.


Parking is a municipal policy. With their parking policy, municipalities make choices between livability (which is usually accompanied by fewer cars on the street) and the accessibility (which is usually accompanied by the provision of sufficient parking facilities). More and more municipalities are opting for P&R locations because they improve the accessibility of the city. Factors that contribute to a successful P&R location are the location, safety (for driver and car), the number of available places, reservation, the parking rates, the frequency of public transport or the possibility of using (e) -bikes for the "last mile".


Bike Rental Service

The ideal solution would be to travel by car to the border of the city and continue in an alternative way. By combining different forms of transport, visitors can travel quickly and sustainably from A to B. The Netherlands is a bicycle country, parking on a P&R and continuing your journey by bicycle is therefore a logical choice.


The Bike Rental Serivce of IP Parking and Diftar can be realized at any desired location and offers the car parker the opportunity to borrow a bicycle for himself and his passengers upon presentation of his parking ticket. The car is used as collateral and can only exit after all the borrowed bicycles have been returned. The system works with regular bicycles and locks and does not require any registration or ID for consumers. Simple, effective and very popular among users in 's-Hertogenbosch.


The Bike Rental Service fits perfectly with the sustainability objectives of municipalities and it is a good example of the 'smart mobility' solutions that IP Parking offers its customers.


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