Innovative bike Parking in the Netherlands

26 August 2021

IP Parking and Siemens have been supporting the Dutch railways (NS) with their bicycle parking facilities. NS now has a new check-in and out zone at the bicycle sheds so that travelers can park their bikes faster and safer than ever before. IP Parking has already helped to implement this solution at the Amsterdam Amstel station and has two more stations following this year: Amsterdam Zuid (Strawinskylaan parking facility) and Tilburg (South parking facility). Next year, the NS will be adding seven more stations. The same bicycle tag can also be used in three bicycle parking facilities of the municipality of Amsterdam in the center: Leidseplein, Beursplein, and Reguliersdwarsstraat.


How does this process work for the bicycle parker?

On arrival, travelers can check in with their OV chip card via a screen or with their bicycle tag at the check-in and out zone. The reader automatically recognizes the bicycle tag, which is linked to the public transport chip card so that travelers can walk straight through. Travelers with a subscription on their account receive a bicycle tag for free. This tag is attached to the front frame of the bicycle by the service employees in the garage. The process is simple, easy, and fast.






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