P+R Genneper Parken

20 August 2020

At this moment the municipality of Eindhoven is busy with the construction of a new Park+Ride This car park will be located on the edge of the highway at the HOV-stop (Aalsterweg) near Hotel Eindhoven and can accommodate 640 cars.


Parking Management Systems

IP Parking has won the tender from the municipality of Eindhoven and will take care of the installation of the Parking Management System for the P+R Genneper Parken. By placing signalling signs the parker can quickly and easily find a free parking place. Upon return, cashless payment can be made by bank card or credit card. The visitor can then leave the parking garage by means of integrated license plate recognition in the barrier.


For whom?

This Park+Ride is meant for visitors of Genneper Parken, but also for visitors and employees who want to go to the city centre. For them, the Park+Ride must become a place where they can quickly and easily switch to High Quality Public Transport (HOV).
With this new P+R, the municipality of Eindhoven hopes to reduce car traffic to the city centre and thus contribute to a cleaner environment, but also to a cleaner city centre. Fewer cars towards the city, cheaper parking and free transport, what more could you ask for?


What will the P+R look like?

This new luxury parking garage consists of six floors. Comfort, safety and sustainability have been important pillars in the design. The use of sustainable slats and a completely covered exterior with ivy provide an extra 'green' natural look, making the Park+Ride blend in with the natural surroundings of Genneper Parken. Through the use of solar panels the Park+Ride is energy-neutral.


The new P+R will be opened and put into use this autumn.



Project photography

Project location