Park 20|20

15 December 2020

Park 20|20

The largest "Cradle to Cradle" office park in the world, has implemented IP Parking's Parking and Revenue Control System ParkBase. Park 20|20 has opted for IP Parking's latest generation of terminal, the IP2. With 15" touchscreens, the IP2 terminal provides information about the facility and includes customizable touchscreen buttons and an integrated intercom system to directly contact the company you are visiting. In addition, if the vehicles license plate is already registered as a visitor, then the barrier will open automatically for a smooth transition into the facility.


"Cradle to Cradle" developments include integrated energy, water and waste management systems as part of their master plan. They create their own energy and process their own waste. Park 20|20 is a model of holistic, closed-loop design and it will function as a dynamic environmental system that enhances the local community, ecosystem and economy.


IP Parking is proud to present our systems and products in this innovative and inspiring environment!


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