Eindhoven municipality

Eindhoven municipality has implemented all parking concepts offered by IP Parking and cooperated in many pilot projects for introducing and implementing new technologies.

05 January 2012

Many inhabitants of Eindhoven use our products and services like City Parking, pillars for pedestrian zones, confined parking lots, parking garages, licence plate recognition, etc.


Dumping grounds

Over 250.000 cards are produced and sent to every household in the municipality. IP Parking is maintaining an online database in which all dumps are registered. All of Eindhoven's inhabitants can dump their trash for free at one of the four locations in the city. IP Parking is taking care of online registration allowing trends to be noticed and analysed. The equipment communicates with the cloud using GPRS eliminating high costs for cabling.


Parking garage "Stadskantoor"

Beneath the city council offices (next to city hall) a parking basement has been opened for City Parking. The required card readers have been integrated in the existing system for short-term parking. When the existing parking system needed to be replaced, Eindhoven's city council decided to choose IP Parking's web-based system.

Short-term parkers who are not subscribed to City Parking can because of the system's flexibility also use the parking facility using a barcode system.

Payments can be done at a full service pay-on-foot station that accepts notes, coins, and cards.



Off-street module

Eindhoven is now working with one of the most advanced parking management software platforms in the market since they are now using IP Parking's off-street module. This module allows city card usage for parking garages, confined parking spaces and city centre lockdowns that are already in use resulting in the connection of on -and off-street parking.

Traditional systems are specifically designed for either on -or off-street parking. Using state of the art communication techniques and software platforms, IP Parking is able to develop systems in which these boundaries fade.

IP Parking developed a single platform in which all types of access control, free or paid, can be realized for a municipality.





Traffic management

Eindhoven city council has offered all of its officials a package that allows municipal employees to park at reduced rates at designated parking facilities during office hours. IP Parking's system can easily take care of this feature due to the fact that the billing process can also be handled by the software (in cooperation with Parkmobile).

The selected parkingfacilities can be public as well as private. Applying technology also used for City Parking enables Eindhoven to optimally serve parking staff and visitors. Every subscriber is assigned a personal page where past parking activities van be monitored. IP Parking arranges direct debit.

The system is connected to the pre-existing card system already in use by the city saving an extra card for all employees.


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