Hilton Hotel Kensington, UK

The Hilton Kensington Hotel we have the complete parking system supplied. The Hilton Kensington is located in London. It is centrally located in the city center, so all that London has to offer is within easy reach.

23 May 2014

The parking facility is intented for the geusts of the hotel. The guests do this by use of a short subribers card. The entry and exit stations are equipped with a Mifare reader, by this, the guests can easily enter en exit the parking facility.


The parking facility contains the following IP Parking products:

- Entery stations, with Mifare reader (IP In)

- Exit stations, with Mifare reader (IP Out)

- pay on foot machine, for coins, notes and credit card (IP Pay)

- Handheld barcode reader to validate entry tickets or convert them to x-day subscriber passes (IP Recode)

- Parkbase software


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