Nijmegen Municipality

A European tender resulted in IP Parking to be selected as Nijmegen municipality's parking management system provider for a new parking facility (Keizer Karel).

18 May 2012

The facility will be equipped with eight entries and exits with licence plate recognition allowing customers of various parking providers to enter the garage using their licence plate only.


A total of seven full service pay-on-foot stations are installed for short term parking ensuring waiting time minimization. The complete installation is also equipped with a CCTV system and connected to Nijmegen municipality's central control room.


The Keizer Karel parking facility proves that the functionality of a parking garage can go beyond basic requirements. The design has a detailed, clear and transparent appearance that perfectly fits with the new status of the Van Schaeck Mathonsingel; parking will be a comfortable experience for the motorist. All aspects representing modern day parking obstacles are completely eliminated at Keizer Karel. The entry is wide and clear and has an underground buffer for possible traffic in waiting in line ensuring maximum flow of public road traffic. When entering is a clear and logical left routing used with one-way traffic.


Parking itself is simplified by utilizing space; wide parking spaces (250 cm minimum) and an open column structure.


The main advantage of the column structure is that nobody will be hampered during entering or exiting the parking space; also ensuring easy vehicle entering and exiting.

The parking decks are fully horizontal with only low-sloped passages at the entry and exit gates ensuring smooth entry, parking and exit.


The Keizer Karel facility is obtaining a light and modern appearance by usage of smooth walls and floors that will have light and bright colours. Also the ventilation system and its tubing which can block the view are taken out of sight by underground construction.

All dark corners and niches are clearly illuminated using a bright lighting system. All entries and exits have been equipped with additional lighting that is used at night. Parking spaces reserved for women are positioned close to the staircases and elevators.


The parking facility is monitored by a CCTV system that is installed in the control room that is manned during opening hours. Another safety aspect is the fact that it is impossible to access the garage through the bicycle section.


The Keizer Karel garage is a modern garage with a lot of attention for details, also from esthetical point of view. The modern, glass water ornament on the street be equipped with five meter see-through glass allowing daylight to access the garage. The staircases are made of glass and the vide, elevators, entries and exits also ensure plenty daylight and an unblocked view of the entire facility.


The Keizer Karel garage has a capacity of 650 parking spaces and a separate basement for 1.000 bicycles. When needed, it is possible to easily change bicycle space for parking spaces.


The entry close to Keizer Karel square is equipped with a staircase and two elevators, the entry close to Station square with a staircase and one elevator.


Nobody parking at Keizer Karel has to walk the entire length of the garage to reach their care because of the entries being positioned at two opposite sides of the facility. Four transparent emergency exits are constructed on the street.


The facility has two floors below ground, is 300 meter in length and has a 30 meter wide parking deck. The entire building is constructed in a fast and sustainable building method.


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