Schiphol Tristar

There are several business premises equipped with our systems at Schiphol. Schiphol Tristar is one of these buildings.

15 May 2014

The parking facility consists of four parts: two parking decks, car park and a garage under the building. For this, IP Parking has a suitable solution, so parking becomes very easy. The parking facility contains the following IP Parking products:


Parking decksthe parkingdecks contains:

  • - IP 350 barriers
  • - Enter/exit stations, contains 16 buttons of the located companies and a card reader
  • - Card reader for the employees

Parking area:

The parking area makes use of a barrier sluice. When the first barriers close, the second barrier opens.

  • IP 350 barriers
  • Enter station IP In, contains 16 buttons of the located companies and a card reader
  • Exit stations IP Out, contains also 16 buttons and a card reader



The garage contains a roller shutter garage door. only employees have acces to the garage.

  • Enter/exit station witch card reader


The system works on Firm Base. This sotware makes it possible to add multiple administrators. A great solution for Tristar because more companies are located in the building.


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