Truck parking Roosendaal

IP Parking secures truck parking Borchwerf in Roosendaal

27 June 2012

After a slow start, an increasing amount of truck drivers and logistics companies use the new secure parking at Borchwerf, Roosendaal.


Dutch newspapers mentioned recently: "an increasing amount of cargo is stolen from trucks". Martin Bartels, director Roosendaal parking: "This confirms that we did the right thing by choosing such a high level of security at Borchwerf parking".


Borchwerf has received the second highest level of security level for truck parkings from the European Union. Bartels: "We now comply to security level 4 of 5. Level 5 is only granted to parkings which are guarded permanently by security officers which is not realistic in the Netherlands". Instead of physical monitoring we have a 24/7 video surveillance system that is directly connected to the central control room of a parking garage at Breda. The facility itself is protected from trespassers using a solid railing with electrical wiring.


Borchwerf truck parking is mostly used during the weekend but the maximum capacity of 130 has not been reached yet.


Mostly subscribers use the truck parking amongst also 43 truck drivers who previously parked on non-secured parkings surrounding the Borchwerf parking.


Convincing them to move to the new, secured truck parking took some time. Cor Thomsom, Chairman Truck Parking Roosendaal who was also managing the surrounding parkings: "Truck drivers paid an annual fee of 250 euros per year at our non secured parking; the new fee is 750 euros per year. Due to this big difference it took some time to convince them but we have now found a good compromise and everyone is willing to move.


After having used the parking for some time, most of its users are quite satisfied; Thomson: "We had some start up issues with entering and exiting but that is solved now". In case something does go wrong then there will be someone at the parking within ten minutes to provide assistance.


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