Wings Hotel Rotterdam The Hague Airport

This parking will be equipped with an advanced web-based parking system. This means that the parking facility can be controlled from any location and any device (laptop, desktop, tablet or even a smartphone).

25 April 2014

The system is designed so that it is suitable for short-term parking as well as subscribers. The subscribers can use the parking facility by means of an NFC card. The short term users will get a barcode ticket when entering.


The parking facility will be equipped with the following IP Parking products:

- Entry stations (IP In)

- Exit stations (IP Out)

- Pay on foot stations (IP Pay)

- Pedestrian entry stations, entrance for the users (IP Door)

- IP Recode, this makes it possible to convert cards (for any discount)

- Intercom

- Full/free signage

- Parkbase, parking management software. This system makes it possible to control the parking facility from any location, with any device




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