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01 August 2023

Project Spoorzone Zwijsen

Parking facility Spoorzone Zwijsen, next to the central station of Tilburg (NL), is already the 8th garage in this city that is fully equipped with our innovative hard- and software.


06 July 2023

Upgrade parking facility P6 at Radboud University Nijmegen (NL)

Radboud University Nijmegen, one of the most prominent universities in the Netherlands, is already a long-time client of IP Parking. In order to continuously offer the best parking experience to all employees and students, the P6 parking facility of the Faculty of Law has recently been renewed.


19 June 2023

New IP Parking project: 6 parking facilities in the municipality of Haarlem (NL)

The Municipality of Haarlem (NL) has selected IP Parking to replace the entire parking management system of the 6 municipal parking garages: Houtplein, Raaks, Kamp, Cronjé, Appelaar and Dreef. A great project where IP Parking will replace all obsolete equipment and software with the latest IP Parking parking solutions. This will offer the highest level of convenience to both parkers and operators at all important touch points of the parking experience.


04 April 2023

New IP Parking project: Alloy Los Angeles

After our success at the Cumulus District in Los Angeles, the Carmel Partners have yet again selected IP Parking as the best fit to provide PARCS, this time at Alloy, with LAZ Parking as the operator.


04 April 2023

Ticketless drop-off zone Brussels Airport

At the request of our client Brussels Airport Company, we transferred the drop-off at the airport into a ticketless zone. Here, visitors to the airport can use the drop-off zone free of charge for up to 10 minutes to drop-off of passengers at the airport.


12 December 2022

New milestone: 2.500th project!

IP Parking's number of projects has grown to 2.500, which illustrates our strong growth in the parking industry and it is a significant milestone for our organization.


13 October 2021

The expansion of operations

One of the biggest expansions is taking place in our operations department. We plan to accommodate our coworkers by furnishing a new workplace with large windows and creating a friendly and comfortable work environment.


23 September 2021

Impact of the corona pandemic (COVID-19)

As a direct result of the ongoing virus pandemic, IP Parking has been temporarily impacted by acute shortages of raw material and electronic components which have been disrupting global markets.