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13 October 2021

The expansion of operations

One of the biggest expansions is taking place in our operations department. We plan to accommodate our coworkers by furnishing a new workplace with large windows and creating a friendly and comfortable work environment.


23 September 2021

Impact of the corona pandemic (COVID-19)

As a direct result of the ongoing virus pandemic, IP Parking has been temporarily impacted by acute shortages of raw material and electronic components which have been disrupting global markets.


01 July 2021

Event Parking

Events are starting up again! This means, more people in your parking facility. IP Parking assists in managing these groups of people as efficiently as possible with our new feature: "Event Parking"


25 February 2021

We offer remote support

IP Parking takes preventative maintenance to a whole new level with our advanced technology which allows us to monitor our systems remotely within the specified response and resolution time. If technical difficulties were to appear, we can troubleshoot approximately 80% of them via remote support. We even have the capability to resolve a ticket jam remotely by controlling the mechanical parts. The remaining 20% of faults, requiring an on-site technician, are to be resolved in a timely fashion. We currently average 97% in our response/ solution time standards.


08 February 2021

What? It’s to cold to install new detection loops?

IP Parking is always ready to give a helping hand, even in this beautiful but cold weather.
Here we see Thijs and Marc hard at work in Harlingen the Netherlands, to make sure the new detection loops can be installed! The show must go on even at 12.2 F.


06 December 2020

IP Parking goes to Bonaire ☀️

IP Parking in the sun? IP Parking can now also be found in Bonaire, with a collaboration with ST&D Apeldoorn BV For more information about the Hardware that is installed on this beautiful island?...