Croeselaan Utrecht

03 May 2019

Croeselaan Utrecht parking garage is under the Jaarbeursplein and located directly by Utrecht Central Station, the Beatrixtheater and the Jaarbeurs. The city center and the Lombok and Dichterswijk neighborhoods are within walking distance.


The parking garage is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has 778 parking spaces, 42 EV charging stations and 15 disabled parking spaces. 




Parking Signs for More Parking Convenience

IP Parking has provided this underground parking garage with parking signs. Upon arrival, a motorist can immediately see which section he can park in, as the number of available parking spaces are displayed in real-time. Parking signage also takes into account information for both loading bays and disabled parking.


IP Guidance for an Enhanced Parking Experience

IP Guidance (Parking Guidance System) guides the motorist through the garage directly to an available parking space. LED lighting above every four parking spaces makes it clear to the driver where free spots are. A green LED lamp indicates that a space is available. A red LED lamp informs the motorist that all spaces are occupied.


Optionally, other colors can be set for disabled, VIP, subscriber, or reserved places.


Find My Car

On a daily basis, many operators see visitors scouring the parking garage because they no longer know where they parked their car. This may cause frustration and after searching for a while it usually works out well, but it could be much simpler and more customer-friendly. That is why the Croeselaan parking garage is equipped with Find My Car.


With the help of Find My Car, visitors can easily find their parked car. By entering the license plate number, the system displays a map with the parking location of his/her car. Does a visitor only know a part of the license plate? No problem! The system shows the location of all cars containing the part of the license plate the customer remembers.


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