Event Parking

01 July 2021

A new feature, Event Parking. 

Events are starting up again! This means, more people in your parking facility. IP Parking assists in managing these groups of people as efficiently as possible with our new feature: "Event Parking"


How does this work?

At an event, parkers will arrive at different times before the event starts. After the event has ended, parkers all want to leave at the same time. This normally causes long queues at payment terminals and a poor parking experience for parkers. IP Parking avoids this parking dilemma by implementing Event Parking. Event Parking makes it possible to charge parkers a fixed amount upon arrival for the duration of the event. This allows parkers to drive out of the lot without having to stop or wait in a line.


The ParkBase administrator can easily create these events in ParkBase. Events can be created manually or by importing an event list.


If a parker decides to stay longer than the duration of the event, an additional payment will be required to leave the parking facility. This rate can be adjusted by the ParkBase administrator.