IP Parking and BlueMarble Charging Join Forces for Effective Integration of Parking and EV Charging

19 April 2024

We are proud to announce the establishment of IP Charging, an initiative that seamlessly integrates parking and electric vehicle (EV) charging. This joint venture combines IP Parking's advanced parking management system with BlueMarble Charging's smart charging technology. The result is a reliable solution for parking and charging that meets the growing demand for EV charging points within urban infrastructures.


IP Charging allows parking operators to have full control over their pricing, enabling them to dynamically adjust rates based on the type of parker and required charging services. This pricing flexibility is made possible by the direct connection of the charging stations to the parking management system, which leads to more efficient operational processes and increased customer satisfaction.


Additionally, IP Charging enables the offering of new services, such as subscription models that include both parking and electric vehicle charging. These services provide significant benefits for all users and contribute to a seamless parking and charging experience.


BlueMarble Charging's innovative charging stations are equipped with smart software such as dynamic charging management and intelligent grid integration. These features not only optimize energy consumption but also improve the overall efficiency of the energy network within parking facilities.


Through this collaboration, IP Parking and BlueMarble Charging enhance the availability and accessibility of charging points in parking garages, thus effectively contributing to the sustainability policies of cities.