10 September 2019

IP Parking has been supporting the Vexpan for years. Besides that our colleague Wouter van Boggelen has been a board member of the Vexpan for years, IP Parking is also a loyal exhibitor of the ParkeerVak.


Our world is increasingly becoming a digital world. An enormous amount of developments are taking place in the field of internet and mobility services. Even parking of the future is a digital and web-based event. The problem is that many parking providers are inadequately prepared for these developments and therefore risk missing out. If they want to remain an important contender within the sector, they have to continue developing, searching for joint ventures with third parties and respond to technological innovations in a timely manner. We consider it our goal to help these providers with this task.


With the partnership, IP Parking hopes to offer more substantive information to the members of the Vexpan and the readers of the Vexpansie. In addition, it is important that there is a coordinating organisation within the industry. Certainly in this time of digitization where the market is not able to standardize itself and the consumer has to install a separate app for almost every parking garage.


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