03 October 2019

We hereby inform you about two important topics for the parking industry. These subjects are: Stricter standardization of fire safety of parking garages and (fire) safety of electric cars.


New standard with fire safety requirements for parking garages

A new fire safety standard for parking garages is being developed. The input of operators and owners has been limited. The concept is expected to set higher requirements for installations, such as the requirement to install a sprinkler. The role of the parking manager is also insufficiently honored. Reason enough for respond. This fall, the concept will be published by NEN for comment. NEN offers the possibility to respond to concepts. The NEN committee can decide to adjust the draft standard on the basis of the comments received and informs those involved about it. Vexpan believes in the importance to good standards. Vexpan therefore intends to have stakeholders discuss the draft standard with a number of advisors involved in drafting the standard via a (lunch) meeting. You can then ask the advisers questions.


Fire safety sustainable fuels

The number of electric cars in parking garages will also increase in the coming years. Several factors determine the extent to which the number increases. Consider the reliability of electrically driven passenger cars, distance range and government incentive measures. Car manufacturers are busy making cars with combustion engines cleaner and more efficient. Both types will drive and park on the roads in the coming decades.


The risk of ignition of electric driven cars under driving conditions seems small. Recently, some incidents have occurred in the news when charging electric cars. That is why fire safety becomes important for owners and operators of parking garages. The NEN committee has concluded that a change in fuels in cars may lead to changing risks. The NEN committee has insufficient knowledge to be able to assess risks and translate them into improvement measures. Vexpan intends to examine at the (lunch) meeting on the draft standard Fire safety for parking garages among participants how the fire safety of electric cars in garages is assessed by operators and owners and what they regard to expect to collected information from the Vexpan. Vexpan will also check this with the members of the EPA. Depending on the findings, these can lead to follow-up actions.