Home run!!! IP Parking will elevate the Yankee Stadium Parking Xperience

26 January 2024

Yankee Stadium, the iconic home of the New York Yankees, is set to revolutionize its Parking Xperience, and IP Parking is leading the charge. We are excited to announce that IP Parking has been chosen to install Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) across the four parking garages at Yankee Stadium.


This monumental project is not just about managing parking; it's a commitment to enhancing the entire fan journey. In collaboration with City Parking and Bronx Parking, IP Parking aims to redefine the parking experience for loyal Yankees enthusiasts.

At the core of this transformative initiative is the scalability of our lane hardware, ensuring efficient traffic flow and streamlined parking operations. Our dedication to innovation has a strong focus on connectivity through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), making seamless integration with third-party systems a reality.

The real game-changer? For the first time, when fans purchase their game tickets, they can simultaneously pay for parking. This groundbreaking integration promises a hassle-free experience, from ticket purchase to post-game exit, mirroring the energy and excitement of a Yankees game.


Our ability to seamlessly connect with other services ensures a cohesive and enjoyable journey for fans, creating memories beyond the baseball diamond. As we embark on this groundbreaking project, IP Parking is committed to delivering cutting-edge parking solutions and crafting an elevated experience for every Yankees fan.


Stay tuned for updates as we navigate this exciting journey together, transforming the parking landscape at Yankee Stadium. The game is on, and IP Parking is ready to hit a home run in fan satisfaction!