The Willemswerf in Rotterdam

04 March 2021

IP Parking, along with Barticipation and ASR, installed a new parking management system at the architecturally beautiful Willemsbrug bridge in Rotterdam at the start of 2021. The four-level parking garage has a total of 25 companies using our Firmbase software in order to manage their personalized subscriptions, parking spaces, reservations, and intercom.


Our parking solution allows the number free parking spaces per level to be tracked to ensure efficiency and convenience. We manage and track this information by using license plate recognition software.


How do they do it?

Firmbase can be used through 3 options: By license plate, by intercom and by barcode ticket.


By license plate

The visitor's license place is entered into the system in advance via reservation modules such as Reserva. When the visitor arrives at the entrance, his license plate is recognized and he can enter the parking facility. His license plate is already known and the system knows which company the visitor is going to. The license plate is also recognized when the visitor arrives at the exit, so that he can leave the facility.


By intercom

The visitor's name is registered in advance. When the visitor arrives at the entrance, he presses a call button. The person who answers the call checks whether the visitor's name is on the list. The fact that the visitor has arrived and is granted access to the facility is entered into the system. When the visitor leaves, he presses the call button again and the information that he has left the facility is entered into the system.


By barcode ticket

You can also decide to simply have visitors get a barcode ticket. The company or institution can then recode the ticket, for example for one free exit from the parking facility or 4 hours of free parking. This recording can be done online using FirmBase or by scanning the barcode ticket with IP Recode. The parking transaction is automatically booked to the business account.


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