Novotel Amsterdam City

10 July 2019

Novotel Amsterdam City is easily accessible, both by car and by public transport. The hotel is within walking distance of the RAI station, right along the A10 motorway. In the area you will find the RAI, business district Zuidas and Amstelpark, all within walking distance. After two years, the large-scale renovation of all 610 rooms at the Novotel Amsterdam City has been completed. In order to meet expectations of the modern business traveler in the future, owner AccorInvest also invested in the parking facilities. They have opted for the ticketless parking solution of IP Parking.


What is ticketless parking?

Ticketless parking is a concept of IP Parking where parking can be regulated without the use of any parking tickets.


Why ticketless parking?

Parking at Novotel Amsterdam City must be an extra service that is provided to guests, while it should not be a burden for the staff. However, if a parking space is freely accessible, there is a chance that a parking space will be used by unauthorized parking users, which means there is less space for guests. According to IP Parking, these two issues are the reason that there is a demand for a new type of parking system.


How does ticketless parking work?

The core of the system is license plate recognition. When a visitor enters the parking garage, the license plate number is scanned and stored in the Parking Management System, after which the barrier opens automatically. If the visitor leaves the parking garage within the free exit time, has a fully paid or validated transaction, the barrier will open automatically as the vehicle approaches. If there is a fee due, the barrier will remain closed and the visitor must pay the amount at the exit via Tap or Dip & Go.


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