Arjan, Assembly employee

I have been working at IPParking since September 2019. Earlier in my career I had already applied for a job, but that didn't lead to an employment contract. When another vacancy became available last summer, I applied again. The earlier pleasant job interview was still on my mind and I still wanted to make an attempt. Still, this application process was exciting for me as well. I applied for the vacancy of assembly worker, but my CV is mainly focused on logistics. I thought it was worth a try anyway, because I have a good technical insight. Fortunately, IP Parking also saw this. I now work as an assembly employee for 40 hours a week.


It's production work, but because the work varies a lot, I don't experience it that way. One day I make a cash register and the next day it's a barrier that has to be made. The varied work makes working within IP Parking a lot of fun. Ideas that I personally have about a product are seriously looked at and possibly even done something with it. This feels very good, that even after a relatively short period of employment you are taken seriously in your ideas.


Besides the fact that the work is fun in terms of content, there is a positive working atmosphere in the entire company. Nice colleagues and from the staff association fun activities are organized. Always with a snack and a drink ;)


I am married and have two daughters of 2 years and 8 months. Because my working hours are flexible, I can easily combine it with the home situation. In consultation a lot is actually possible. When I make myself flexible I also get a lot in return.


What makes working at IPParking personal is that our director himself sometimes walks in and talks to you. Even on your birthday you get personal congratulations from him with a present.


These are all the right ingredients for me to succeed in my job at IPParking, now and in the future. But also to take the high quality that IP Parking delivers and strives for to an even higher level together with everyone else.


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