Parking tickets can be recoded - with a discount or lower rate, for example - with IP Recode, providing an extra service to your customers.


You can set up IP Recode anywhere and have the option of equipping it with 4 or 8 buttons so that you can apply more recoding profiles.


IP Recode is a fast and simple way to provide a service and has comprehensive administrative features.


For example, you can recode parking tickets for the following:

  • One free exit
  • EUR 1.00 discount on the parking fee
  • Two hours of free parking
  • One week unlimited entry and exit


You can provide people with a subscription card or allow someone to exit the parking facility for free in almost no time.


If a Mifare reader is used, access cards and tokens issued by parking providers such as Parkmobile can also be used to grant a parking discount.


Request information




  • 20 characters/2 line display
  • Barcode scanner
  • Table stand
  • Black housing
  • Impact-resistant ABS plastic


  • Mifare reader for user identification
  • Recoding of Mifare access cards
  • 1 to 4 pushbuttons
  • Enlarge panel with 8 pushbuttons