License plate camera

Vehicles can enter and leave a facility without actually having to stop. Thanks to this, our parking system achieves a processing speed that is much faster than that of traditional parking systems.


Whereas our competitors can process about 300 vehicles per hour, we can process 900!



The license plate cameras located by the entrance and exit register the license plates of all the vehicles that drive past. Thanks to this 24/7 license plate registration, IP Parking eliminates the need for a physical blockade/closure. An enclosed parking lot hence changes into an open and accessible lot. What's more, major investments in hardware and maintenance costs are not necessary.


Mobility with new sales channels
Want to reserve a parking spot online and pay for it online? Maybe add on a car wash? IP Parking can set up a custom public website including bookings, loyalty, participation of external companies,


Widely accepted
License plate recognition is an identification method which is increasingly being integrated into society.
License plates are always unique and are therefore excellently suited as a means of identifying a vehicle when it is granted access to a parking facility or enclosed lot. For users, it is an ideal identification method because no actions are required. This ensures very smooth and fast traffic flow.


Monitoring and positively influencing the "recognition score"
There are always exceptions where the license plate cannot be recognized. This recognition score is automatically measured by the parking system, so that we have a good idea of the license plate recognition system's performance. The system's components itself are standardized and strictly selected based on high quality and top performance. Thanks to our extensive experience with license plate recognition, we currently have such a successful and standardized formula that we guarantee the lowest error percentage in the parking sector.


Subscription management
Simply entering the subscriber's license plate is sufficient to allow the system to function properly. IP Parking also allows you to associate multiple license plates with one subscriber.


Escort security
The so-called "escort" function ensures that only the combination of an access card with the correct license plate will grant access. This prevents thieves leaving the facility with a stolen vehicle. Of course, this feature can be configured per subscriber.


Your users and administrators will find the parking system to be very convenient because the traffic flow will improve significantly.


Air pollution decreases because vehicles do not need to stop thanks to license plate recognition. That's because drivers won't have to constantly stop and go in order to present an access card or ticket.


Auto-exit for short-term parkers
Our parking system has a standard "auto-exit" feature in order to facilitate sustainability and convenience. This application makes sure that license plate recognition is also optimally applied to short-term parkers. This is how it works: A short-term parker arrives at the entrance and pushes the button to get a barcode ticket. At that moment this barcode ticket is linked to the short-term parker's license plate. The license plate number can also be printed on the barcode ticket, if desired. Once the parking fee has been paid at the payment terminal when the vehicle is ready to leave the parking facility, the license plate number is approved for exiting the facility. The short-term parker can hence leave the parking facility in one flowing line and no longer has to stop to present his ticket. Research has shown that this results in as much as a tenfold reduction in CO2 emissions.


Are you looking towards the future? Then choose a web-based parking system with excellent license plate recognition.


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