IP Charging: Electric Vehicle Charging

Your Partner for Integrated Parking and Electric Charging

With the establishment of IP Charging, IP Parking and BlueMarble Charging announce their collaboration to seamlessly integrate parking and EV charging. This partnership combines IP Parking's advanced parking management system with BlueMarble Charging's smart charging technology. The result is a reliable solution for parking and charging, meeting the growing demand for EV charging points within urban infrastructure.


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Full control

IP Charging empowers parking operators to have full control over their pricing by being independent of e-Mobility Service Providers (eMSP). This not only gives parking operators control but also the ability to establish fair rates for EV charging users. By directly linking the charging stations to the parking management system, the parking operator can dynamically adjust rates based on the type of parker and the required charging services. This leads to more efficient operational processes and increased user satisfaction.

More Than Just Parking and Charging

By integrating parking and charging in a single transaction, IP Charging opens the door to new services and subscriptions. Parking operators have the flexibility to adjust the rate per parker based on various factors, such as parking duration or electric charging speed. Additionally, operators can implement priority charging, ensuring that certain subscribers always have priority access to fast charging. These expanded services offer significant benefits for all users and ensure a seamless parking and charging experience.


Park, Charge, Pay!

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OSTRA Charging Stations

With an interchangeable smart core, the innovative OSTRA charging points offer flexibility and efficiency, while the sturdy housing ensures long-lasting durability. The OSTRA charger allows you to perform self-maintenance. Thanks to our smart hot-swap technology, you can effortlessly replace the smart core yourself, minimizing costly downtime. The OSTRA charging stations are available as wall-mounted models and as single- or double-sided charging pillars.

All benefits listed for you


Convenience of Parking and Charging in One Transaction

Ensures an optimal user experience and streamlined process by combining parking and charging payment in one transaction.


Determine the rate yourself

Operators can set rates independently from eMSP.


Dynamic Charging Management

Our smart grid integration optimizes energy consumption during charging sessions and enhances the overall efficiency of the energy network in your parking facility(ies).


Fair and Competitive Purchase Price

We offer fair and competitive purchase prices for charging stations.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

Efficient energy consumption and minimized operational disruptions contribute to low maintenance and replacement costs throughout the station's lifespan.


Flexible Pricing

Ability to dynamically adjust rates based on the type of parker and the required charging services.


Data-Driven Dashboards

Comprehensive data-driven dashboards for insight and management.



Parking garage operators can flexibly respond to the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging capabilities. This is possible because charging stations can be implemented gradually, effectively managing costs. Thanks to the wireless connection between charging stations, which can support over 100 stations, no infrastructure adjustments are needed later. This results in lower installation costs and less inconvenience for parking garage users.


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