The advantages of external parking providers

Many parking facilities prefer to leave their parking policy in the hands of external parking management providers to increase efficiency. Hiring an external provider lowers financial administration, helps to save 10-15% on maintenance and material costs, and allows you to reach up to 2 million potential customers. The best part is your earnings are automatically deposited into your account each month. IP Parking can connect you with a parking management provider and we handle the required connections. We are also currently the only market player who can allow garage access to mobile phone parkers to help reduce equipment and cash payments that require more maintenance.


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The advantages of mobile phone parking

After registering for mobile phone parking, you will have access to more than 150 municipalities, where you can park easily and inexpensively using your smartphone (app), mobile phone (call or text), or parking pass.

You will have the ability to enter and exit participating parking garages without having to stop, thanks to our license plate recognition technology. Parkers pay per minute and monthly using a bank card for both on the street and garage parking.

On- & Offstreet

Our cloud-based platform makes parking accessible for parking providers parking garages, lots, and on the street in an identical manner for parking providers: