Mobile parking providers connection

Make your parking facility(ies) easily accessible to more than 80% of active users of mobile parking apps in the Netherlands and Belgium. Seamless entry and exit based on license plate recognition, along with automatic payment afterward, are the key principles.


The accessibility of parking garages for mobile parking providers via license plate recognition is one of the most significant developments in the digitization and sustainability of parking. It is anticipated that consumers will embrace this parking method in the same way as street parking via the app. 



Improve your occupancy

Expand your potential customer base by providing access to over millions of parkers who use Easypark, 4411 and Stadsparkeren!



Digitalization and sustainability

Reduce the issuance of parking tickets and decrease CO2 emissions, as your parkers no longer need to stop at the barrier.



Optimal parking flow

Effortless entry and exit without stopping prevent congestion at the barrier, ensuring a much more efficient flow in your garage(s). Parking actions automatically cease upon exit, eliminating your free exit times.



Cost savings

Digital parking actions reduce queues, paper ticket costs, and maintenance expenses for cash registers and terminals.



User-friendliness for parkers

Seamless entry and exit with license plate recognition enhance the user experience, increase customer satisfaction, and encourage repeat visits.



Increase in revenue

Opening your parking garages to Easypark, 4411 and Stadsparkeren users positively impacts customer reach, satisfaction, overall garage efficiency, sustainability, occupancy, and, of course, your revenue.

2nd identification method

For mobile parkers, a second identification method, such as a QR code or RFID card, is crucial to minimize queries and intercom calls.


Easypark, 4411 and Stadsparkeren offer a second identification method, allowing parkers to end a parking action at the exit and providing access to pedestrian doors in the garage.


This integration of a second identification method is currently unique in the market and not available through other platforms.


It contributes to an optimal parking experience and minimizes queries when leaving the garage, essential for efficient and seamless parking processes.


Don't wait any longer; open your parking facility(ies) to Easypark, 4411 and Stadsparkeren users now!