The Convenience of Parking Reservations

RThe ability to reserve a parking space online alleviates the stress of searching for that elusive parking spot. Customers are always thrilled with this option because it assures them of a parking spot and the price. Reservation parking also improves operator experience by giving you insight into the availability of your facility and the rate at which you charge. We use the internet as a new sales channel to help increase sales and marketability. We offer the option to connect your system to a national reservation platform or have a personal webshop developed by IP Parking that integrates seamlessly with your corporate identity. Our systems also connect easily with third parties.


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Open Your Facility to Brokers

For parking facilities that find themselves having an excessive amount of parking spaces going unused or unoccupied during certain days of the week, we bring to you ParkBase. By utilizing ParkBase, you can offer sections of your parking facility to brokers to help generate more income.


With ParkBase, you are always in control of granting brokers access, the number of parking spaces available, and the rate you charge.


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Maximum occupancy

Shown below are a few different 'broker' options. They help to fill the remaining unoccupied parking spaces at your facility. At IP Parking, we work hard to maximize your facility's occupancy.






Booking Agent

The Booking Agent is an independent layer between ParkBase and external reservation shops. ParkBase offers these webshops the option of registering reservations for visitors. For online payments, the reservation is paid for in the webshop. The rate is calculated in the Booking Agent, however.


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Booking Service

Reserve and pay for parking spots in advance. Use this service when you want to house a reservation system in your own website, for example.


More APIs

Step 3 – Identification

Email: The visitor must enter an email address for each parking space to which the tickets are sent.

License plate: The visitor can indicate for each booked parking space whether he/she will enter the facility based on license plate recognition.

Text message (SMS): Optionally, the visitor can enter a phone number (GSM) to which a text message containing an access code is sent.

A ParkWebshop in your corporate style

The ParkWebshop will be created in your layout so as to blend in seamlessly with your corporate style. The set structure of the ParkWebshop is configured in 7 steps.


The ParkWebshop is linked to ParkBaseso that yourself determine how many parking spaces you make available and at what rate.


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