Access control

We specialize in web-based revenue control systems. Every revenue control system comes standard with a personal website.


The ParkBase website entails the entire management of the access control system. You can implement projects of any scope and fully integrate your parking system. One solution, one system.


Our revenue control system feature the following functionalities:


Subscriber identification:

  • By Mifare card
  • By license plate
  • By long-range reader
  • By barcode ticket
  • By intercom


The IP Access access control unit

The product IP Access has a contactless card reader and an LED display. The compact access control unit can communicate with the management system by direct connection to the Internet or through wireless GPRS. The unit itself can be installed in a column or affixed to a wall. The IP Access unit can also be used as a central station, allowing you to use very small card readers that can be visibly installed. You can connect multiple card readers to an IP Access unit.


If you opt for license plate recognition, your subscribers can enter and leave the facility without any additional operations. You can also pre-register visitors so that they are granted access when they arrive or immediately given a personalized barcode ticket which grants them access to the main entrance, for example. The access control system can be used anywhere. From parking lots to wicket doors, the system can be infinitely expanded and connected to every access point.


Though your personal website, which can be accessed with your personal login details, you can access a wide range of possibilities:

  • Very extensive subscriber management
  • Reports
  • Counts
  • Logs
  • Remote control of every access point (for example, you can open a gate remotely through your website)


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