Parking Management System

The parking industry is constantly in motion, something which you as a provider of parking facilities have to deal with every day. Just look at the developments in Internet and mobility services. It is crucial for you to respond to these developments, and IP Parking is here to help you do exactly that.


IP Parking is a specialist in innovative and smart parking solutions at the highest level. We offer you a versatile system that makes and keeps your parking management organized and efficient; a system with which you are prepared for the future. Get to know ParkBase.


Cloud-based and Scalable

Whether you are looking for a solution for one or 100 parking garages, ParkBase is the solution for you. ParkBase is a fully cloud-based parking system, accessible from any device with an internet connection and from any location.


Application Programming Interface (API)

Being able to collect data and exchange information easily is quite important as a parking space provider. ParkBase applications can be linked and communicate with each other quickly while providing real-time insights. This solution is both convenient and efficient.


Countless Integrations
ParkBase offers unparalleled options. Integrations such as pay-by-phone parking, reservations, camera surveillance, and several payment options are all within reach with IP Parking. Loyalty programs such as applying discount cards, discount codes, and discount providers are all available with ParkBase. For more information, please contact an IP Parking representative.


License Plate Recognition
ParkBase is fully integrated with license plate recognition technology, allowing visitors to enter and exit parking facilities without stopping. This factor results in a faster and more efficient parking experience when compared to traditional parking systems.


Always up to date

ParkBase has no restriction on the number of users, and the scope of the system is unlimited. The platform is being continuously refined. As a provider of parking spaces, you will always be up to date on the latest trends and functionalities.


ParkBase Cloud
Your ParkBase application will be cloud-based hosted by IP Parking with Microsoft Azure as our solid partner. Our full-service SaaS solution integrates the full IT infrastructure in ParkBase. This future-proof solution offers the maximum security, reliability, and scalability of cloud computing for all types of parking facilities.


Read more: IP Parking -Datasheet ParkBase Cloud.pdf


With ParkBase you are prepared for the future. Would you like to find out more about ParkBase or do you have another questions regarding our parking solutions?

Feel free to contact us.