Payment systems

We support a wide range of payment methods.

  • Cash, coins and bills
  • PIN (with and without PIN code)
  • Credit cards
  • Tap & go
  • Dip & go
  • Online payments
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Pre-paid
  • Public transport cards
  • Access bundles
  • Bookings and reservations
  • Event tickets


Self-service registers


IP Cash
IP Cash features an elegant design, robust execution, multi-point locking system and 15" touchscreen with "gorilla glass", making an excess of buttons a thing of the past. A user-friendly menu operated via the touchscreen ensures a quick and smooth payment procedure.


Payment can be remitted with a myriad of payment methods such as cash, credit card, PIN or contactless payment.



IP Cashless
IP Cashless responds perfectly to the increasing demand for electronic payment. In the parking sector especially, electronic payment is gaining in shares, allowing payments to be remitted increasingly faster.


IP Cashless features a 7" touchscreen, which gives the product a modern and clear appearance.


IP Cashless is a safe payment station simply because there is no more cash present - so it's no longer interesting for thieves.



IP Streetwise
IP Streetwise is equipped with all the options that municipalities want. IP Streetwise accepts all conceivable payment methods, from (contactless) bank cards to coins.


IP Streetwise is equipped with a user-friendly, 7" interactive touchscreen which is positioned at an ergonomic height.


IP Streetwise is self-sufficient in power thanks to the standard integration of a solar panel.


IP Streetwise is easy to manage using our web-based parking management system StreetBase.



Our pay stations are ready for the future!
Parking system payment terminals are increasingly being equipped with credit card and PIN payment possibilities. IP Parking is completely standardized to the new EMV (Europay, Mastercard and VISA) guidelines. The underlying idea of the EMV guidelines is to harmonize the European payment market. And improved security is also of great importance. The magnetic strip is sensitive to fraud (e.g. skimming) and is being replaced by a chip. When installing an electronic payment module, you must have a broadband Internet connection because a substantially higher quantity of data is sent between the terminal and the host due to the new EMV guidelines. Such a fast connection is therefor a must in order to quickly process transactions. What's more, a contract must be concluded for handling transactions. It goes without saying that we can assist you with this.


Direct debit with personal web page
This is only an option for registered users. They have at their disposal a personal web page with:


Digital invoices in PDF, option to change your NAW information (name, address and contact details), cell phone number, license plate, card number, account number, etc. yourself. Register and unregister multiple users, set user report alerts by email and SMS and view payment history. 

Your advantages:


No administrative hassle, entirely automated monthly deposits with 100% payment guarantee, comprehensive help desk for your users by phone and email, option to outsource pass management and distribution, very extensive rate options, complete management reporting. 


Collect money yourself
If you deal with registered users, you can bill them on an invoice basis. The ParkBase Management System provides you with all of the needed information. What's more, the system also generates structured invoices.
Use the IP Recode product to scan bar code cards and bill the owed amount manually. With just one push of a button you tell the system that the amount has been paid. You can also give a discount using this module or recode a card to be a temporary subscription.


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