Apple Pay

14 August 2019

Apple Pay now available in the Netherlands

ING has announced that Apple Pay is now available in the Netherlands. Owners of the Apple iPhone, iPad or Watch can pay directly with their device. By keeping the phone, tablet or watch close to the Tap & Go unit, the customer can make contactless payment at the pay station and exit.


ABN AMRO and Rabobank will soon support Apple Pay.


How does Apple Pay work?

Apple pay uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) method. This is a wireless way (just like with contactless payment with a debit card) to exchange information within a radius of 10 centimeters. The chip in a telephone, tablet or watch communicates with the Tap & Go unit of the pay station and / or exit.


What do you have to do to accept Apple Pay?

With IP Parking hardware you are already ready for Apple Pay. The payment terminals, entrances and exits that support contactless payment are also suitable for Apple Pay payments.



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