Payment systems

Ample choices in payment systems

There are so many payment options available nowadays that everyone has their personal preference. It is crucial as a parking facility to be versatile by accepting various payment methods to offer an ideal parking experience. At IP Parking, we use our innovative multi-tech readers to process QR codes, barcodes, proximity cards, Indala, Mifare, Apple VAS, Google Smart Tap, NFC, Bluetooth credentials, cash, and bank cards. Our cloud-based payment systems require minimal hardware and create a positive experience for parking providers, external parties, and customers.


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Contactless payments

With Tap & Go drivers can enter and exit the parking facility with a bank card. This means that they no longer need to take a ticket when entering or stand in line to pay for their parking at the pay station when leaving. It's quick, easy and secure.


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Online payments

Parking garages and/or lots are often only used during certain hours of the week and remain unoccupied the rest of the time. By offering your parking facility online, you can easily generate additional income.


With ParkBase you yourself determine how many parking spaces you make available and at what rate.


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Direct debit

Allowing parkers to pay later through their license plate? Allowing your parking spaces to be accessed by external providers has a lot of advantages. You don't have to deal with the financial administration, you can reach 2 million potential customers for your parking and your earnings are deposited into your account every month.


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Invoice basis

With FirmBase renters can manage their own section of the parking facility. They can create new subscribers, for example, and pre-register visitors so that they can conveniently use the parking facility.


If you deal with registered users, you can bill them on an invoice basis. The Parkbase Management System makes all of the needed information available to you. What's more, the system also generates structured invoices by itself.


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ParkEZ is a pre-paid payment service you can set up locally. Parkers record their car's license plate in their own personal digital parking subscription. When they enter the parking facility the gate opens automatically based on license plate recognition.


A parker can record a maximum of two license plates in the parking subscription. If arriving in a different car, the parker can show his/her pass at the entrance. Parking credit can be topped up both online and at the pay station.


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Cash & cashless

Of course, you can also pay with cash. Our user-friendly full-service pay station is operated using a comprehensible touchscreen, making the payment process quick and easy.


Payment can be remitted with a myriad of payment methods such as cash, credit card, debit card or contactless payment.


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