Kilroy Oyster Point Project San Francisco

Phase 1 has been successfully completed, and our Parking Access and Revenue Control System has been implemented. Our advanced hardware solutions, together with FirmBase, have been specially designed to meet the dynamic needs of this groundbreaking project in South San Francisco.

28 May 2024

Kilroy Oyster Point Project Phase 1 Completed

After being selected by Kilroy Realty Corporation to deploy Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) for the innovative Kilroy Oyster Point development in South San Francisco's vibrant tech hub, we are pleased to announce that Phase 1 has been successfully completed. Phase 1 encompassed three buildings totaling approximately 660,000 sq. ft. We are thrilled to continue our partnership as we move forward to Phase 2. This will introduce an urban village featuring an outdoor amphitheater, meeting spaces, a conference center, and an F&B amenity building, spanning three buildings totaling around 865,000 sq. ft.



Kilroy Realty Corporation faced the challenge of efficiently managing its parking spaces for multiple organizations within a high-traffic, urban environment. The need for a seamless and flexible PARCS is critical to avoid congestion and optimize the use of parking spaces.


For this prestigious project, we have installed our premium IP2 Xperience terminals and IP2 Compact terminals. Our PARCS, combined with FirmBase, are custom-built to meet the dynamic needs of this forward-thinking location. Here we focus on the following aspects:


  • Efficiency: Flexible parking pools enable companies or departments to share parking spaces. Companies can create subscribers, validate tickets and pre-register visitors.
  • User-friendliness: The intuitive interface of FirmBase is easy to navigate for both visitors and administrators. With automatic License Plate Recognition, vehicles are quickly identified, allowing them to drive through without needing to stop for a ticket.
  • Innovation: IP Parking offers 100% web-based parking solutions that seamlessly integrate with the high-tech vision of the project. This enables parking facilities to be optimized based on real-time data and trends.


We are excited to continue our journey alongside Kilroy Realty Corporation and contribute to the success of this remarkable development. Stay tuned for more updates as we bring our innovative solutions to Phase 2 of this groundbreaking project.



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