Introducing: on-off street connect

Over the last decde, IP Parking has proven itself to be an industry leader in the field of web based parking solutions.

17 June 2015

The lastest technology from the Dutch developer/manufacturer connects the on -and off-street segment. On-Off street connect will be introduced during IPI 2015 in Las Vegas


How does it work?

When a garage is equipped with IP Parking's Extreme LPR system then it will be possible for a Parkmobile* user to enter this off-street facility based on their Parkmobile account**. Our direct integration with Parkmobile's database enables our LPR camera's to recognize a Parkmobile user instantly and allowing them access based on their account. No need to carry any cash or cards; amount due is automatically charged at the end of the month.


*Parkmobile is the world market leader in pay by phone applications. In the US, Parkmobile currently operates over 1.400 locations with millions of registered users.


**Parking facilities will only be unlocked after the owner's/operator's permission


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