WTC Rotterdam

IP Parking won the bid for the WTC Rotterdam. The proposal by IP Parking was rated as the most user-friendly for the WTC.

27 October 2016

Based on this, the contract for purchase, installation and maintenance of the new web-based parking management system is awarded to IP Parking. The WTC garages and the V&D are operated by Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Office Fund with DTZ Zadelhoff Property Management BC as a managing client.


Convenience/User friendliness

Bouwinvest chose to replace the existing parking equipment with convenience as the top priority. For convenience, the installation includes license plate recognition. When a short-stay driver enters, the license plate is read and linked to the short-stay parking ticket. After paying, the short-stay parking ticket is returned for the exit. The license plate recognition device checks if payment for parking has been made. If the parking payment is sufficient, then the exit barrier is lifted and the driver can exit without having to insert the parking ticket.


Permit Holders

The system works also for permit holders and for holders of other types of discounts. The license plate can be linked to a permit or discount card. With a valid permit or a valid discount card, the license plate is recognized and the barrier is lifted without having to insert a ticket.


Mobile Parking

The system also works for clients who are registered with Stadsparkeren and Parkmobile. These drivers park on the garages using the license plate and by showing their pass or token at the entrance and exit. The database of the mobile parking provider is checked online. If the license plate is known by the mobile parking provider, the parking operation begins when the entrance barrier is lifted. The parking operation ends when the exit barrier is lifted.



Daily management is done from the Central Control Station in the hall of the WTC. There is a manager on site several hours per week. In the Central Control Station, all camera images can be checked, intercom calls can be answered, and the parking equipment can be operated. The system is web-based, and, therefore, works independently.


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